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We turn retired stainless steel beer kegs into unique, functional furniture and custom pieces of art.  Each keg is carefully chosen and handcrafted into a custom Beer Keg Icehouse, Cocktail Table or Planter and is the perfect addition to your bar, backyard or outdoor deck! 


Each Keg Icehouse features a custom designed, solid epoxy top and ample space inside the keg to put your favourite beverage(s) on ice. We also have a limited number of Keg Cocktail Tables available for purchase if an Icehouse isn’t your style.


Enjoy the summer and impress your friends with this super cool, unique Icehouse that is a cocktail table, cooler and conversation piece all in one! They also make great gifts for the person in your life who has everything!

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Custom Keg Planters

Prices start at $100.00 CDN

Custom Keg Icehouses and 

Custom Cocktail Tables

Prices start at $250.00 CDN